Sole Proprietorship Registration


Start Your Business Right Away With A Sole Proprietorship Registration


If you want to take the pain out of the company registration process and want to eliminate the taxes and other compliances characteristic to most legal structures, then here are a few things you might want to know about sole proprietorship as well as the reasons to turn to the professional registration services provided by Uptra.

If there is a way to start a business from scratch with minimum hassle, then that would be the sole proprietorship. Not only do you get to benefit from the fastest registration in India, but also from fewer compliances. In fact, you would only be required to file the service, professional and sales tax just once per year.

You can get registered as a sole proprietorship business in less than two weeks, which is much shorter than in any other business type. The registration is also the cheapest, and you also don’t need to hire an auditor either – thus saving even more money.

So benefit from the most affordable way to create a successful small business by letting Uptra Consultancy Services guide you through the sole proprietorship registration process and help you get started in the fastest time possible!


Sole Proprietorship Registration – Benefit From Fewer Compliances And A Lot Less Hassle


Whether you are planning to open a merchant or trader business, one of the least complicated ways to get started is undoubtedly through sole proprietorship registration. You get to spend less time filing reports and the ability to start the business way faster than in any other case.

With sole proprietorship you do get unlimited liability, but then again that doesn’t pose a huge risk when it comes to doing small business. And this minor disadvantage is offset by the low taxes and registration fees. You need to file them only once per year, so that’s less time spent with paperwork and more time spent more productively – making money for your business.

With sole proprietorship, you also get a fast registration process – in some cases, if you don’t need a sales tax registration, it can even be completed in less than 15 days.

If you want to further reduce the hassle of doing all the paperwork, then you should hire our help and get us to handle everything needed to register your company. We have some of the best chartered accountants that can ensure you start your business legally ASAP!


Opt For A Sole Proprietorship Registration And Minimize Expenses With A Consultancy Service


If you don’t have a lot of capital to invest in a company and want to start doing business without delay, then one of the quickest and least expensive ways of doing it is via sole proprietorship registration. You can get the experts here at Uptra Consultancy Services to help you file the tax corresponding to your type of business fast and easily, while also saving you money in the process.

Compared to other forms of businesses, such as private limited companies or one person companies, a sole proprietorship doesn’t imply nearly as many expenses. While the liabilities are definitely something to consider, the fact that you will pay the lowest taxes can offset what inconveniences the sole proprietorship has.

Especially if you run a small merchant shop, you don’t need to complicate things when you don’t have to. You can start running errands and selling goods to people with a fast registration that will only require a sales or service tax return filing.

So don’t miss out on the opportunity to get stated right away by enlisting our services – rely on the Uptra experts to help you register your company as soon as possible!


Reasons Why A Sole Proprietorship Registration Is The Best Way To Get Started


If you don’t want to have any of the complications of a one person company or private limited company and wish to start your business right away, then there is no better option other than a sole proprietorship registration facilitated by Uptra Consultancy Services.

While most other business structures need to worry about taxes, complex registration processes and a load of compliance issues, with a sole proprietorship, you get things done easily. The only registration you need is for your sales, service or professional tax, and with the help of your services can start your business legally in less than 15 days.

Not only do you get the fastest method of opening your merchant or trader business, but you also spend the least amount of money. Preparing the documentation is inexpensive, and our expert accountants at Uptra can ensure that you don’t need to hire an auditor either to spend your money on.

A sole proprietorship is inexpensive for start-ups also in the long term, as you get to recoup the service tax and the few other taxes are low. Get the most affordable solution for your business needs and get started with Uptra Consultancy Services – you will be 100 percent satisfied!